Home Care Assistance Plan

Working Together to Keep you Independent

If you are living with a prolonged illness, have physical or developmental disabilities, recovering from surgery or simply facing the challenges of aging, our personal home care assistance team can help you to maintain your regular daily activities in the comfortable surroundings of your own home. 

Home care begins with highly trained, professional staff, fully bonded and insured and carefully matched to your requirements and preferences.  Specialized care services include:

Freedom LifeAlert Call Button – Each person will receive a portable call button that will ring the front desk in the event of an emergency to allow personnel to respond for assistance.

Initial Medical Evaluation – Upon arrival at the facility, a nurse will schedule an interview with you to gain health information including medications, health history, physician name, pharmacy name and emergency contact information.  This will be kept on file to better assist you when a medical need arises and to screen for services that may be beneficial to maintain your independence.

Daily Wellness Phone Calls– Phone calls are made daily at 8:30 am and 6:00 pm using our automated system.  If we do not receive a response, trained staff will personally make a wellness call  or visit to ensure your wellbeing.

Sick Calls – In the event that you are not feeling well, a nurse is available to do an assessment, contact the physician and administer emergency assistance, if necessary.

Injectable Medication Administration - A registered nurse is available to administer injectable medications including Vitamin B12, hormones and allergy injections on a monthly or weekly basis as ordered by your physician.  A complete assessment will be completed in conjunction with the injection and a summary will be sent to the physician periodically to monitor response to the medication.  This is a healthy alternative to waiting in the physician's office where contact with sick patients is a frequent occurence.

Diabetic Foot Care - Diabetics need special attention when it comes to caring for your feet.  A nurse can examine your feet, trim your toenails and educate on the importance of proper foot care.  This is usually done on a monthly basis.

Weekly Medication Set-Up - Compliance with medications is improtant in maintaining independence.  A skilled nurse or medication aide is available to fill medication planners weekly for those resident who have difficulty with dexterity, vision problems or simply get confused about which medication to take when.  This is often the first line of defense in keeping an independent resident independent.  Education is also available on side effects, drug interactions and diet.

Blood Pressure Monitoring - Blood pressure is often not accurately monitored when only taken at physician appointments.  Blood pressure readings are often elevated at an appointment due to overall anxiety of visiting the physician.  We an perform blood pressure checks periodically in our office to more closely monitor and screen for issues.

Meal trays - In the event that you are not felling well, a staff member will deliver a meal tray so that you can continue to receive nourishment while recovering.  The normal cost of the meal will be charged.  *May be restricted to 1 week increments  

Services We Provide

A Registered Nurse is available in the facility Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm except on major holidays.  Other staff are available 24/7. Special arrangements and/or appointments can be made for other times by request.

  • Emergency Call Button
  • Initial Medical Evaluation
  • Daily Wellness Phone Calls
  • Sick Calls
  • Injectable Medication Administration
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Weekly Medication Set Up
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Meal Trays When Sick
  • Other Services 
    • may be offered on an individualized or as needed  basis
    • If other and more specialized services are needed, our nurse will assist you in making those arrangements.

        For Further Information Contact:

      Jennifer Jackson, RN

       Home Care Assistance Plan Administrator        5801 N. Oakwood

       Enid, Oklahoma  73701



       Office Hours - 8 am  - 5 pm  M-F